Car Sharing, an uncertain future?


Car Sharing was once seen as the future, but now looks uncertain

Car sharing is the latest craze in the rental industry, with technology advancement enabling users to share cars from their smartphone. Keyless technology removes the middle man from hiring a car making the process that much more easier. 

ShareNow (formally DriveNow) have made an announcement that they will be withdrawing their services from the UK as well as the US and Canada due to low ‘adoption rates’ meaning that not many people were utilizing their services.

ShareNow were providing vehicles in London incuding; Smart Cars, BMW i3’s, 1 Series’ & Minis. 

The future of car sharing seems uncertain for now but “technology, legislation and people themselves do change”. – Bernd K├Ârber | Mini Global Boss

So what does the future hold?

There are still many other car sharing companies out there such as; GetAround, Turo and much more… But if you ask us, we’ll be sticking to the traditional car and van rental process. 

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